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NY Times

The New York Times dated June 3rd, 2010 features Métro  for iPhone in a story titled "Transit Maps in the Palm of Your Hand (No Refolding Required)".

KapsysKapsys unveils Kapten, the first screenless GPS!

Mainly targeting pedestrians, cyclists and other two-wheelers, the Kapten is a small and light stand-alone GPS device entirely controlled by voice commands.

Thanks to Kinevia's Métro  technology, the Kapten becomes the first GPS offering multi-modal guiding and navigation, combining car, bike, walk, roller, subway...

And the same features are also available in Kapten for iPhone!



Mappy, provider of online and portable navigation solutions, embarks Kinevia's Métro  technology in its Mappymini to deliver the first navigation device offering public transportation route searching.

With the Mappymini, the GPS gets out of the car and becomes usable by pedestrians!

Concur unveils a partnership with Kinevia.

Concur, a leading provider of on-demand employee spend management services, has entered a partnership with Kinevia to complement its mobile travel and expense solution, by integrating a direct interaction with the Métro  software.


iDTGV, the SNCF (the french national railway company) subsidiary, installs Métro  on its onboard personnel's PDAs, allowing them to provide more information to travellers.



The SNCF (the French national railway company) installs Métro  on "Accelio", the PDA that all the train controllers progressively adopt.

Amadeus.net provides i-Métro  as one of the travel tools available on its public web site



The city of Vitoria-Gasteiz, capital of the Basque country (Spain), offers i-MetrO  on its web site to help its citizens and visitors find their way with the public transportation system.

The DVB AG (Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe AG, transport authority in Dresden, Germany) offers Métro  to its users on its web site.


SonyEricsson P910i

SonyEricsson includes Métro  in the P910i package. The software is provided along with a handful of titles on the accompanying CD-ROM.

Métro  is selected by palmOne as one of the softwares bundled in the palmOne Campus 2004 special offer.

palmOne Campus 2004


offers Métro  with its SDA smartphone.

Métro  has obtained the official "Designed for Windows Mobile" logo from Microsoft.

Designed for Windows Mobile


User reviews on the iPhone AppStore:

"The best transport App ever!!!" (zwisschef)

"Fantastic app! Easy and simple to use." (Globerunner)

"A must-have for any traveler!" (BPinter)


Dany's Palm freeware reviews (PocketPress): "If you live in or ever plan to visit any of the world's major cities, you need MetrO. Period. End of Discussion."




Palm Boulevard

Muchy UpToDown

Le Guide du routard: "Alors là, chapeau ! Non seulement le logiciel Métro de Patrice Bernard et Frank Van Caenegem pour PDA Pocket PC et Palm OS est gratuit, mais en plus il est extrêmement bien conçu, efficace et complet"



10 essential softs for Palm



User reviews on Palmgear:

"Used the Paris map on my honeymoon and even gave directions using it to some Japanese tourists, would you believe?"

"I can't live without my Palm, all because of this"

"I have no idea why this application hasn't received the 'essential award'"

"Terrific piece of software that can literally convince people they *need* a Palm"


PocketPC Magazine
(for PocketPC as well)


ITM praktiker Bestenliste 2006 - Metro ITM praktiker Bestenliste 2007 - Metro ITM praktiker Bestenliste 2008 - Metro ITM praktiker Bestenliste 2009 - Metro


Bewertungen (PDAssi): "Wirklich ein Top-Programm. Kann ich nur empfehlen !! Absolut perfekt."

Opinión usuarios (Softonic): "Programa imprescindible para cualquier usuario de Palm que viaje un poco"






User reviews (Handango): "In fact, I think MetrO is the reason to buy a PPC (or a Palm)"



PDA Pointer Award



User mails:

"Utiliser Metro est un vrai plaisir, il m'arrive même de renseigner des utilisateurs de la RATP, moi qui vient de Montpellier !"

"You are the lifesaver for the frequent traveler, in the shark infested sea of the metro networks (and their maps and modern schemes, so many times confusing)"

"After my passport, the next thing I make sure to bring with me is the latest version of Metro"

"This is a wonderful piece of software! I tip my hat to you guys. It's probably the best and most functional piece of new software that I've downloaded in the past year or more"

"Guys, I downloaded Metro about an hour ago and am just blown away with its professionalism and completeness. Amazing work."




Best Palm Soft Award