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Frequently Asked Questions

Installation - My desktop computer is a Macintosh and the program crashes: many unzip programs for the Mac tend to corrupt the content of .zip files. If you have a problem, use Stuffit Expander (free) to open metro.zip.

General - Why don't you include maps in the program? It's too much work for us and we feel it's not essential. Please don't insist on that matter!

General - The stations list show some stops twice: the line has diverging branches from this point.

Calculation - The program tells me "the station is closed on selected time" but I'm sure it's opened: did you "disable" the lines that serve this stop?

Calculation - I've asked for a route and the program says it can't be computed: did you "disable" any line that could prevent the route from being calculated? Otherwise it may be due to a start or arrival station on a one-way section, leading to a calculation that is too complex. Try to find the corresponding stop in the other way and you'll get a result.

Calculation - The estimated time for the shortest route is actually longer than that for the least connection: the program can add an extra wait time for particularly unfrequent lines but it's not included in the estimated time displayed. If you use the "least connection" alternative you may have to wait on a platform.

Calculation - The program takes a long time to compute a route: many factors affect the program's speed and the PDA limited power can't allow for miracles. You can always stop the current calculation by "tapping" on the progress bar...

Results - Directions in New York don't use local vocabulary ("uptown", downtown"...): this feature is in development (already available in London).

Results - Line colors appear distorted: our little devices have limited color management abilities and there is nothing you can do about that (neither can we ;-).

Palm - Installation - The program runs in a "strange" language: You installed the wrong version of the program. Please read carefully the installation guide.

Palm - The program crash on startup / when I run a calculation...: If the first tip (about Macintosh) does not apply, it's likely you are using and old database with a new program (or vice-versa). In some cases, old files are not replaced when you install new ones and the program continue to use the wrong one. Check the cities list or, easier, completely remove the program and the cities and re-install.

Palm - The program crash on startup / when I run a calculation...: If the previous tip does not apply, check that you have some free memory left on your device for the program to run. If not, try to remove a few cities or programs you don't use anymore.

Palm - The contrast on my Palm IIIe/IIIex is very low. The program uses a grayscale display mode and those devices are known to handle that badly. Switch to black & white only in the options settings (and restart the program to see the difference).

Palm - Can I install the city databases on an expansion card? Yes it's possible but you have to copy the files in the exact location as explained in the installation guide.

Palm - When hotsyncing some cities, I get an error and the file is not installed on my Palm: Our largest files (presently Paris-full and NewYork-works) can be installed on an external memory card only.

Palm - A message says "No city installed" on start-up: See the item above, or read carefully the installation guide.

Windows Mobile - Smartphone - The program has a strange behavior: Microsoft has two different and incompatible systems for smartphones. One is "Windows Mobile for PocketPC Phone Edition", which requires our "PocketPC" version of MetrO, the other is "Windows Mobile for Smartphone", for which you have to use our "MS Smartphone" version of MetrO. Check that you have installed the right version for your system.

Windows Mobile - Part of the main window exceeds the screen limits: install the "Regking" utility (available for free from PocketGear); run the program; select your font; reset your device.. Information provided by V. GAKH (thanks!).

Windows Mobile - How can I have Métro  start by double-clicking on a city file? Use "Palm Tweak" (or an equivalent utility) to associate the file extension "pdb" to the "Métro" program.

Windows Mobile - How can I change the font used in the program? Copy the font file to the windows/fonts directory and select your font in the "Métro" program.